10 Tips for participating in the Papal Visit activities

You will finally get to see the Pope! Whether indoor or outdoor venues ang inyong dadaluhan, best be prepared para maximum ang participation ninyo sa events.

1. Check the Popeís itinerary/schedule as there may be last minute changes. Monitor www.PusoNgPamilya.com and other websites for updates, so you can plan your day accordingly. You can also check Twitter for live updates on the traffic situation, closed roads, at iba pa.

2. If possible, go on foot or commute. Traffic will most probably be very heavy if youíre bringing a car. And most probably, mahirap din makahanap ng parking space.

3.†Wear comfortable clothing, especially shoes. Attending the activities will entail mingling with crowds and standing. Make sure hindi mainit ang inyong suot and your shoes, feet-friendly. If you are going outdoors, wear a hat or magdala ng maliit na payong.


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4.†Stay hydrated and huwag magpagutom. If possible, bring your own bottle of water. Try to plan your meals para hindi rin kayo gutom during the events. However, some events may not allow you to bring in bottled water if you are going inside the venue.

5.Charge your phones. Youíll never know kung may emergency at kailangan tumawag or kung may selfie moment with the Pope!

6. Bring enough cash, and in small denominations. Youíll never know what you may need to buy or pay for- food, water, souvenirs, pay restrooms, among other things. But donít wear jewelries or bring valuables.

7. For faster inspection, bring a transparent bag or none at all. Be mindful of your belongings na rin.

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8.†Read up on the Pope. The Pope is known for his simplicity, humility, and sense of humor. Knowing things about him will help you appreciate him even more, and will add more significance sa iyong pag-participate.

9.Consider the necessities. The Philippines is a tropical country, and you might want to protect yourself from the other elements: wear sunscreen, insect repellent, and sunglasses. Best to use a body bag na may stock na alcohol spray at antibacterial wipes, kasama ang mga basic emergency medication and plaster strips sakaling may minor accidents.

10.Keep the faith. There are widescreen LCDs sa labas ng mga Papal Visit events. While you may not be able to see the Pope in person (even from so far away), you can still feel his presence knowing that youíre in the same place as him.

Just remember that the theme for his visit is Mercy and Compassion, and try to instill these in your daily life maski nakaalis na siya sa bansa.

Make sure rin na physically fit ka to attend the events. Kung may karamdaman, baka lalo lang makapagpalala ito ng inyong condition.

It is important to note na may mga venues na hindi nag-a-allow na makapagdala ka bottled water, at umbrellas sa loob, for security and safety purposes.† Itís your best bet to bring raincoats sakaling umulan.

With these tips in mind, youíre now ready to experience the Pope Francis Fever! Good luck and ingat!


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