10 Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

Rising prices of food and and other consumer items are biting into household budgets.

Even while you’re spending the same amount of money in the supermarket, you seem to be taking home fewer items.


Here are 10 ways to stretch your shopping budget.

1. Eat first before you hit the supermarket

If youíre hungry, everything will tend to look good. Youíll end up buying more food, including those you don’t really need.

Having a light snack before you go shopping will help avoid impulse purchases.

†2.†Make a list

You might think youíve got it all in your head but making a list will help you go through the aisles faster.† You’re not thinking about whether you’ve forgotten the fresh milk.† And when you move at a faster pace, you avoid buying goods on the spur-of-the-moment.

3. Buy in bulk

Some items are cheaper when you buy in bulk like detergent, fabric conditioner, or toilet paper (if you have room to store those rolls). But think twice before getting the larger jar of mayonnaise or peanut butter. Avoid buying anything that will expire before you have a chance to use it.† Or get tired of eating over and over.

†4.†Buy the store brand

Often, these items are just as good as the big-name brands. Why? Because these generic items are also made by the big-name manufacturers.† But without the nicer and expensive packaging.

5. Look high and low

Items at eye-level cost more than those on the lower or higher shelves. Thatís because manufacturers pay more for the eye-level shelves. This is why the bigger brands are easier to see and reach compared to those from small manufacturers whose products are usually stocked all the way to the back.

†6.†Get the smaller shopping cart

Shopping carts are getting larger because customers tend to fill them up. Use a basket whenever possible.

7. Check the price tags

Some supermarkets donít put tags on the items but on the shelves. Often, they deliberately put the lower price tag under the more expensive item, making customers think they are getting a bargain,†until they get to the checkout counter.

8. Watch the register

While they are not out to scam you, cashiers don’t really pay attention to what you buy. †Sometimes, they scan an item more than once or scan something that you didnít put in your cart. Or they ring up the wrong price since cash registers aren’t always updated with the latest prices.


9. Donít be embarrassed to ditch items at the last minute

If the item is scanned wrong or youíve changed your mind about an item, then donít buy it. Donít let the narrow checkout lanes discourage you from returning the item.

10. Donít be loyal to loyalty cards

Donít let loyalty cards dictate where you shop. Earning those reward points may be costing you more than if you shop at cheaper stores.


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