5 tips for a Noche Buena feast on a budget

Christmas is fast approaching and with our already busy life sa community, work, and at home, madadagdagan pa ang ating mga To Do lists with things we need to do for Christmas. At, isa sa mga important things to consider ay kung ano ang ating ihahanda on Christmas Eve.


Here are 5 tips for a hassle-free, Noche Buena feast on a budget:

1. Start early.

The early bird gets the worm, as the saying goes. You can start stocking up on your Christmas food as early as a September, just check the expiration dates of the goods that you are buying.

Kung may extra budget ang pamilya, you can already start nang paunti-unti na pagbili ng ingredients like condensed milk, tomato sauce, and pasta noodles, among others.

2. Make a list and stick to it

Plan ahead and go over your intended menu, and then make a list of the things you need for the food that you are going to prepare. Once inside the supermarket, stick to your list.

It helps if youíre in a familiar supermarket na alam mo na ang lay-out ng mga sections. It saves time and prevents you from straying into other aisles and adding unnecesary items in your cart.

3. Buy Ďtingií

Nowadays, food is getting more expensive. Pag-isipan if your family really needs one whole ham for the holiday season. You can consider buying ham slices na lang for serving sa Noche Buena or Christmas breakfast. Smaller sizes of Queso de Bola are also available.

4. Canvas supermarkets

Prices of goods differ in various supermarkets. In other chains, mas mura ang mga certain types of goods compared sa ibang supermarket chains. I-survey muna ang prices ng mga items. Bring a notebook and list down to compare.

Try to look up and down the shelves din.†The cheaper brands are placed below eye level. Most of the time, the quality and taste of these products are just the same compared to the leading brands.

5. Be creative

Creativity is important in the kitchen and in shopping! You donít always have to follow the rules when it comes to preparing your Noche Buena feast. Instead of edam cheese, you can use cheaper cheese substitutes that also contain 100% cheese.

And, when youíre ready to serve your meals at the table,†add some pizzaz to your meal presentation. It is said that people are more enticed to eat when a meal looks good on the table. Add a bit of garnishing and art to your food. Or if you have prettier plates, use them at Christmas for a more festive feel.


This Christmas, hindi naman kailangang mag-overspend to celebrate the season. All it takes to stay within budget is planning, konting tiyaga, and creativity.†Whatís important is that food is shared with the people you love and are very important in your life, and, that you are always thankful for the blessings sa nagdaang taon.

Images by Robbie Becroft from www.breakmystyle.com/merry-christmas-2/

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