5 Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes

October. It’s that other month in the year when we moms are busy. Picking out Halloween costumes can be fun but stressful as we negotiate with our kids what to wear and how much to spend on something they often end up using only once.

This year, the Disney “Frozen” princesses Elsa and Anna are the most popular costume for girls. And I won’t be surprised to see some kids dress up as Olaf come Halloween.  Of course, the other princesses of Disney remain a favorite. Action heroes like the Avengers and Transformers are still staple among the boys.

Halloween costumes can be expensive. Expect to spend from P1,000 to P 2,000 for store-bought costumes. But there are ways to cut costs.

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Here are 5 ways to save on Halloween costumes.

1.  Do-It-Yourself.  If you’re handy with a needle and thread. Or your kid’s got a tita who’s skilled with a sewing machine. You can cut costs by as much as half if you make your child’s costume.

2.  Shop in your child’s closet.  Rummage through your daughter’s closet and see what you can put together. Maybe she has a frilly white top that you can pair with a red skirt. Top it off with a headband with a large pink bow and you’ve got a Minnie Mouse costume.  With jeans, a plaid shirt, and a cowboy hat, your little boy can be Woody. Or simply use what’s there. One time, I convinced my son to wear his karate uniform to his school’s Halloween party.

3. Reuse and Recycle. You’ll need your powers of persuasion for this one.  If last year’s costume still fits, have your child wear it again. Or at least pass it on to his younger sibling who won’t mind using Kuya’s hand-me-down.

Turn last year’s fairy wings into butterfly wings.  Or cut out the top half of the Superman costume and pair it with the bottom half of the Spiderman outfit for a mutant superhero. Weird but creative.

Last Halloween, I re-purposed my sister’s college uniform into a chef costume for my son. Needless to say, it was a hit!

4. If you’re going to buy:
Buy from the bargain mecca that is Divisoria. If your daughter is bent on going as Elsa, try shopping for a blue gown at 168 or 999 malls.  Or you can scour thrift stores for cheap costumes.

Buy last year’s costumes. These have been usually marked down.

Shop late. Wait until it’s closer to Halloween when retailers start offering deals to get rid of their inventory.

Buy a costume that your kid can actually use on any other day of the year. Like a soccer uniform if your kid plays the sport.  Or a ballerina outfit if your daughter is into ballet.

You can also opt for a community workers costume, like a fireman or policeman. They’re cheaper and they’re actually cute. An astronaut outfit is only P500 at one of the toy stores.

5. Plan for next year.  Again, if you wait to shop until Halloween itself, you’re most likely going to get a great deal on a costume your kid can wear next year.

Finally, there’s one important tip that you should keep in mind.

6. Get your child involved. Ask him what he wants to wear. If you’re making the costume, make it together. Don’t force your child to wear an outfit he doesn’t want just because you think he looks cute in it.

Remember, you’re going to all the trouble of planning, making, or shopping for your children’s Halloween costume because you want them have fun and encourage their imagination!

Additional tips:

  • Costumes should be short and snug because huge sleeves or billowy capes and skirts can trip children. Shoes should also fit as big, floppy shoes can be hard to walk in.
  • Accessories and props like swords and knives should be short, soft, and flexible.
  • Choose toxic-free masks and make sure eyeholes allow children to see fully. They should also be able to breathe through their masks.
  • Choose toxic-free face paint. Test make-up in a small area first to prevent possible skin and eye irritation.

Popular Costumes

Toy Kingdom

Starts at

Disney Frozen Elsa or AnnaMaleficent P1,199.75 (T1-T3)
Glittered Dress Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora P 999.75 (small)
Superman or Batman P 749.75 (T1-T3)
Thor or Captain America P 829.75 (xs – medium)
Optimus Prime or Bumblebee P 1,999.75


Princess Sophia P 1,349.75 (s-m)
Lalaloopsy Dresses P 1,200.00

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