DOH NCR Targets a Worm Free Metro Manila

Having worms in the digestive system is part of growing up.  As children, we all had to go through deworming or “purga” once in a while.


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But for many kids who are exposed to poor sanitation, whether because they have no permanent shelter, have no access to clean water, or work in unsanitary conditions like dumpsites, normal na ang magkaroon ng bulate.

But like vitamins and supplements, buying deworming tablets is last on their family’s priority list.

That is why the National Capital Region Office (NCRO) of the Department of Health (DOH) has intensified its deworming campaign especially in Metro Manila.

“But it remains a public health concern even in rural areas where children 1-12 years old are usually the victims.  Their health and development are significantly affected, causing decreased physical activity and poor performance in school,” according to DOH Undersecretary and NCRO Regional Director Ted Herbosa.

Gagawin ang mass deworming activities sa lahat ng health center, day care center, at mga school sa Metro Manila.  Magdo-door-to-door din ang DOH sa mga komunidad kung saan kakailanganin ito.

Again, libre ang pagbibigay ng tableta!

Kung tutuusin, ang tamang gamutan is twice a year for three consecutive years, then once a year pagkatapos, habang nasa age range na 1-12 years old ang bata.

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Intestinal parasitism is considered one of the “neglected tropical diseases” dito sa Pilipinas. The top three worms that cause intestinal parasitism here are roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms. 

Kabilang sa symptoms ng intestinal worm infection ay:

  1. impaired nutritional status
  2. diarrhea
  3. loss of appetite
  4. intestinal bleeding which, in severe cases, can lead to death

Nagsu-survive ang intestinal worms sa digestive tract.  Napapasa rin ang mga itlog nila sa dumi ng tao, na nalilipat naman sa lupa.  Nakaka-infect ang round at hook worms as they mature in the soil.

Kapag hindi napatay ang mga bulate at mga itlog nila sa katawan using deworming tablets, pwedeng ma-infect ang mga tao through the following:

  1. (round & whipworms) using contaminated hands or nails for eating or preparing food
  2. (round & whipworms) consuming contaminated vegetables or fruits that are not carefully washed, peeled, or cooked
  3. (hookworm) walking barefoot on contaminated soil
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Kaya payo ng DOH, ugaliing maghugas ng kamay pagkatapos humawak ng lupa o dumi, at huwag din maglakad ng nakayapak. And more importantly, ituro sa mga bata ang kahalagahan nito.


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