Entertainment: TV host-personality, nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko!

Showbiz Ambush by Ambet Nabus

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This popular TV host-personality (TVP) has truly mastered the art of “acting” and becoming the best “PR” of oneís self.

During a reported heated argument with the people this personality worked for and with, TVP was reported to have gotten irritated by his fellow workers’ inputs for improving their show.

TVP even demanded the management to fire his co-workers. As TVP said, “Wala silang kuwenta, sayang ang ipinasusuweldo sa kanila dahil gamit na gamit na ang mga ideas nila.”

But the management played deaf and mute to TVP’s demands. It has been reported that TVP does this every time a group of talented people upstage or ignore TVP’s ideas.

So, one time, TVP did not report for work. “Ni hindi niya ipinaalam sa mga co-workers niya, hanggang yung isang araw na absent naging dalawa, tatlo, and so on,” said our source.

And so, when the absence was felt by many, TVP made an announcement that he had to personally address something very serious about his health and his family.

“Talagang well-choreographed yung script niya dahil kapani-paniwalang may karamdaman nga siya (though not life-threatening naman) so hayun, iyakan kunwari at paalamanan na matagal-tagal siyang mawawala sa show,” added our source.

Though sad of TVP’s temporary exit, everybody in the show worked their asses off for the show’s new segment. The new segment was a product of the group’s efforts, but TVP did not approve of it.

But eventually, the said segment began to show promise and rated well. This time, TVP had to quickly get back to work to be a part of it or else, TVP will be forever forgotten.

“Hayun, sa awa ng lahat, siya na itong nagmukhang proponent nung segment na pinag-uusapan na ngayon, at gaya ng mga previous segments, hindi puwedeng hindi niya tatatakan ng kanyang mga adlibs ang portion. At bigla siyang gumaling sa sakit niya kung pakikinggan mo ang mga tili at sigaw niya,” our irritated source quipped.

Well, we saw the said portion and indeed we believe that it has become better with TVP’s presence, who has now become a better performer when it comes to creating human interest stories that could spell good ratings!

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