Entertainment:Tatlong sikat na ladies sa isang network, nag-iiwsan at nagpaplastikan lang?

Showbiz Ambushby Ambet Nabus

This time’s guessing game involves three feisty and all equally popular women (at least in their respective fields), who are believed to still have unresolved issues with each other.

Let’s call the first woman LADY A, who is best remembered for her candid and no-holds-barred commentaries in her field. During a break in one of her shows in TV, she was seen enjoying a laugh with her production people who invited her for a coffee outside “para naman maiba ang mood at makalayo sa stress ng mga public issues,” related our source.

So LADY A joined the group and while they were passing by the corridor of the network, LADY A was told by one of her groupmates that they would probably bump into LADY B, another popular figure in the network, who was also walking in the corridor.

Everybody in the group knew that both ladies were once hot items in those days when superiority and being the better one was an issue.

To cut the story short, LADY A decided not to proceed with the group’s invite and went back to her place she calls her kingdom – sort of saying that she indeed decided to avoid “bumping” into LADY B.

“Hindi naman siya talaga kilala na dumadaan sa may area namin kaya nakakagulat na mabanaagan namin ang anino niya doon,” quoted our source. Until they found out from another group of sources why LADY B decided to take that turn at that moment.

LADY B herself avoided bumping into LADY C, who came ahead of her TV show’s schedule not knowing that her once co-host is still there in the network. “Naku riot na plastikan siguro ang mangyayari na ayaw maganap ni LADY B kaya siya na din itong umiwas kay LADY C. Kahit noong magkasama pa sila sa show, alam naman ng lahat na hindi sila nagpapakatotoo. Ngayon pa na mukhang nagpa-plastikan na rin ang mga mahal nila sa buhay na nasa ibang larangan naman,” added our source.

Although a lot of clues have been given out already by simply reading between the lines, the most obvious you can get is… ALL of them have one common “letter” literally in their names!

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