Global Pinoy: POEA’s tips for OFWs on social media

Social networking is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family lalo na kung ikaw ay nagtratrabaho sa malayong lugar.


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It’s a good idea na may isaalang-alang na pointers sa paggamit ng social media sites kagaya ng Facebook, Twitter, at Instagram para hindi natin maipahamak ang ating sarili, pati na rin ang ibang tao.

Naglabas recently ang Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ng gabay para sa mga OFW tungkol sa wastong paggamit ng social media.

Here are POEA’s tips:



Take a look at the following pointers that you can keep in mind before sharing your thoughts or mementos online:

1. Consider setting your privacy control to a limit, for instance, ‘to your friends only’. Add only your trusted and closest friends as “friends”.

2. Avoid accepting your boss as friend in social networking sites or follow his social account. As much as possible, keep your personal and work completely separate.

3. Do not use social media as venue to express complaints about work. Anything you may post online may be taken against you. Use available company grievance machinery and other government mechanisms to report violation of rights and contractual breaches.

4. Never criticize or ridicule the culture, traditions, and religious beliefs of your host country and of other countries, including characteristics or traits of its peoples that you may find different from your own.

5. Do not upload obscene, illicit, or otherwise incriminating photos of you or of other people.

6. Do not engage in online debates and discussions on the politicial situation and religious issues.

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