Health: Don’t drink too much iced tea

Video by Dr. Willie Ong

Masarap uminom ng iced tea, lalo na kung mainit ang panahon at gusto nating magpalamig. Ngunit ang sobrang pag-inom ng iced tea ay hindi mabuti sa katawan. Alamin natin sa video ni Dr. Willie Ong ang dangers sa paginom†ng masyadong maraming iced tea.

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1. A 56-year-old man drank a gallon of iced tea developed kidney failure.
2. Tea contains a chemical called oxalate, which can form kidney stones.
3. Drinking too much sweetened iced tea can also cause diabetes and obesity. A glass of iced tea contains up to 7 teaspoons of sugar.
4. Drink water around 8 glasses in a day.

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