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The typical Filipino is a heavy gadget user, so every Pinoy Christmas shopper usually have one or two gadgets in their Christmas shopping list.

The challenge with using gadgets is that their technology is constantly changing, and with the numerous upgrades that are available, one might be tempted to splurge on these tech-toys if one is not careful-especially during Christmas time.

Stores like CD-R King® and various online sites are patronized by the budget-conscious gadget user. Although not all of the gadgets sold in these establishments have a quality equal to their counterparts from the product line of name brands, one can generate substantial savings by making informed purchases for your Christmas shopping.

Here are some money tips for the tech-savvy Filipino:

1. Know exactly what you want from the gadget that you intend to buy for your loved one. Do you want to buy the gadget because of a special function that you cannot find in the old unit of your loved one? Or is it because of a specific application? Research on the features that you need and compare the various gadgets and/or add-ons.

2. Expensive gadgets are not necessarily “quality” gadgets. There are some gadgets that you can get from budget stores or the typical mobile phone shop like headsets, external speakers, and several generic computer peripherals that may just be as good as branded ones. Different vendors offer different warranty schemes. Be aware of these pros and cons before you buy your gadget.

3. If you are planning to buy gadgets like cellphones, tablets or notebooks, you might want to consider purchasing refurbished or second-hand items available at (, tipidpc( or tipidcp (

4. Be informed of the latest discounts on the sale of gadgets and take advantage of them.

5. Take advantage of trade-in options.

6. If the only reason why you want to buy a new gadget is to take advantage of a new application, find out whether you can load the application on your existing unit.

A lot of our OFW kababayans have the option to purchase their gadget overseas since they either find these cheaper overseas or these models are not yet available locally. Just keep in mind compatibility issues like video formats and power standards, serviceability and availability of parts during repair. If the saving is not substantial, please consider making the purchase locally. At least you have peace of mind for a year provided by the usual one year warranty attached to the gadget.


Today, a camera, like a cellphone, is an all-around useful gadget. Aside from recording personal moments, you can also use it for business by taking photographs of the items that you plan to sell.

As a concerned citizen, you can also use your digital camera to document accidents on the road, criminal activities, and other incidents of public concern which you can turn over law enforcement agencies or the public affairs desks of TV or radio networks.


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Hidalgo St. in Quiapo, Manila is a place where you can find camera shops that give a substantial 20 to 30% discount on cameras in contrast to those available in malls or regular camera stores.

There are two reasons why the cameras in Hidalgo are cheaper than the ones you can get in the malls:

  • The rental space in Quiapo is cheap
  • These stores provide a store-based rather than a national service-based warranty.

To go to Hidalgo St., get off at the LRT 1 Carriedo Station and proceed to SM Carriedo. Hidalgo St. is the street facing the exit of SM mall leading towards Plaza Miranda and Quiapo Church.

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