10 Fun things you didnít know about Pope Francis

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Pope Francis is known for his humility, simplicity, and his love for the poor- but here are fun facts that you might probably not have heard about the popular leader of the Catholic church:

1. He used to have a girlfriend. According to Pope Francis, they loved to dance the tango. His romantic lovelife ended when he discovered his religious calling.

2. He admitted to a case of larceny. He once confessed that he stole another priestís crucifix straight out of his casket, ďwith just a bit of force,Ē as he relates. The priest was well-loved in Argentina and Pope Francis keeps this rosary under his cassock to feel Godís grace.

3. He used to be a chemist. Studying to be a specialist in food chemistry, Pope Francis used to work in a laboratory of chemical composition analysis. He was also a janitor and a bouncer before he joined the clergy.

4. The Popeís kitchen specialties are paella and stuffed calamari. Yum!

5. He drives a vintage 1984 Renault 4 around Rome. A gift given to him by an Italian priest, the car is said to have served Italyís poor parishioners in Verona.

6. Heís a DIY Pope. He serves himself lunch and dinner from the cafeteria buffet and he manages his official and private appointments by himself.

7. He loves his planner. Heíd save his planner, which contains all his addresses, contact numbers, and all his commitments should there be a fire. Heíd also save his prayer book where his grandmotherís will and letters are kept between the pages.

8. Pope time is kept on plastic. The Pope just wears an ordinary plastic wristwatch with a thick black band for timekeeping.

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9. Whatís in his bag? Sporting a black leather briefcase that he carries himself, there is a razor among his things, including his planner and books.

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10. He prefers his black shoes. While past popes used to wear the traditional red loafers to symbolize the blood of martyrs, Pope Francis broke this tradition by wearing simple black leather shoes.


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