Entertainment: Charice, hirap makahanap ng bagong manager

Showbiz Ambush by Ambet Nabus


Image from http://www.interaksyon.com/entertainment/charice-sacks-manager-godfather-cites-financial-dispute/

International singing sensation Charice announced that she had already cut her ties with her manager, and thus she soon will announce who will be the new one to make things better for her.

A lot of people say that since after her “coming out” period and her issues with her mother and girlfriend, she is neither here nor there as an internationally renowned artist. Now, she wants to go back to where she once was — very popular, with both fame and fortune.

Ang siste daw, mukhang sa dami ng mga nilapitan nilang mga magagaling na business managers ay balitang laging may “major” issue silang hindi napagkakasunduan.

Allegedly, ito nga raw ay may kinalaman sa packaging ni Charice who wants to be her new “self” in all terms. Even acting and dressing-up like she used to, is a big no-no! Not even for a role!

Another item of course is the monetary issue which allegedly is the main reason why her former managers and Charice (and her mother) had a rift. As one showbiz insider reacted, “lagi silang hindi nagkakasundo sa kumisyon at sa ibang gastusin na may kinalaman sa pagpapatakbo ng karir ni Charice. Lagi nilang inihahalintulad ang sistema sa USA na malayo sa practice natin sa Pilipinas.”

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