Finance: 3-Step guide to getting rich

by Eric Serate


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If we Filipinos want to be empowered and lead better lives, we cannot do away with talking about money… yes, PERA!  Money is probably the undeclared basic necessity on top of food, clothing, and shelter.

In these modern times, a lot of us have left the barrio setup where one could easily pick fruits and vegetables conveniently growing in one’s backyard.  Most of us have pursued dreams to work in urban areas, even overseas.  In these places, one cannot simply survive without access to money.

It is my mission through this column to share with you important lessons and ideas to help you carry through your own life’s missions by applying some of the simple but relevant money tips.

1.  Be in the proper state of mind when it comes to money

Saan ba tayo magsisimula? It is very important to have the proper state of mind – dapat, nasa tamang pag-iisip.  I believe God placed our head above our heart and body because He wants us to think before we act.

Lahat ng ginagawa natin ay dapat palaging may gabay ng ating pag-iisip.  Sa kaperahan, mahalagang maintindihan natin na ito ay mahirap hanapin, ipunin, pangalagaan, pero napakadaling gastusin!  That is why it is crucial that we really know how to handle it well.

Nasa laki ba ng kinikita ang pagyaman? Let us give a simple answer to inspire everyone… and the astounding answer is NO.  We have all heard of stories about rich people suddenly getting bankrupt and people suddenly getting rich but going broke overnight.

To the majority of our kababayans, even those earning below minimum wage: have hope!  Wala sa laki ng kinikita ang pagyaman kundi nasa tamang pangangalaga nito.  Dahan-dahan lang po nating luwagan ang ating sinturon.


Hindi masama mag-isip tungkol sa pera. Whether you are currently working part-time or as a regular employee, the first lesson is hindi masama mag-isip tungkol sa pera.  When you receive that hard-earned cash, you should actually think and plan about how you can better use it than the majority who just immediately spend it.

Makakatulong talaga na i-assess ang kita at planuhin nang maayos kung paano gagastusin at iipunin ito.

2.  Maski sa pera, think of the Golden Rule

The next lesson is something that we already know and it is the golden rule in wealth-building – Do unto others as you would like others do unto you“. 

How? If you are an employee, always give your work your best effort.  Try to understand how you can better please your supervisor by understanding his or her own goals.  When you help your managers achieve their own targets, recognition would just then be knocking around the corner… which in turn could imply an increase in your earnings.  Just imagine that you are your boss – how would you like others to please you?

If you are a starting business owner, think about your customers.  Imagine yourself as one of your patrons and see how your business can serve yourself better.  You know that happy customers return, become “regulars” and will eventually lead to increased sales.  Loyal customers also promote your business by word of mouth resulting in increased demand for your products and/or services.

3.  Huwag maging sunud-sunuran sa style ng iba

Think out of the box.  Hindi naman natin kailangang gayahin ang ginagawa ng iba at hindi dahil ginagawa ito ng karamihan ay okay rin ito para sa atin.  Halimbawa – hindi dahil nag-advance ng sweldo ang kapwa empleyado mo ay dapat mangutang ka na rin.

We need to have our own mind and we have to always reflect that there are other people, successful people out there, that we can emulate.  We can read some of their methods and ways by reading from books that talk about specific needs that you have.

Kung gusto mo ng pagbabago sa sarili mo, spend some quiet time by yourself and reflect. Sabi nga ni Michael Jackson, start with the “Man in the Mirror” and ask him to change his ways.  There are things that you currently do that work… but there are probably those that don’t so think of new ways to handle your life.

You will be amazed about the myriad of options that you actually have. At, sooner or later, unti-unti mo nang makikita ang mas mabubuting pagbabago hindi lamang sa iyong pagpapalago ng yaman kundi sa iyong mismong buhay.


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