Gift ideas na romantic na, healthy pa

by Dr Willie Ong

Your loved one may hold the key to your heart, but you should still practice a healthy lifestyle and diet to keep your heart healthy.


For Valentine’s Day and your Valentine’s date, choose a healthy gift or meal. Here are my tips:

1. Instead of buying your sweetheart an overload of cakes, sweets, and fatty foods, why not give a more permanent gift. A poem, letter or message may convey more feeling.
2. If you choose to buy chocolates, choose dark chocolate with less sugar and caramel added. Dark chocolate should be made up of at least 60-70 percent cocoa. It has flavonoids, antioxidants, and flavanols, which are good for the heart and blood vessels. Eat only a moderate amount, approximately an ounce (around 30 grams) a day.
3. Be active on Valentine’s day. Plan an outing or walk around a park or mall. Walking for 30 minutes is good for your heart.
4. Home cooking is healthier than restaurant food. Instead of an expensive restaurant date, why not cook at home and enjoy a romantic dinner for two. For example, you can eat fish like tuna, mackerel, bangus and salmon.
5. Split your meal in two. If you still want to go to a restaurant for a date, splitting your meal can cut your calorie intake in half.

hearthealthy_026. Give fresh fruits. If you want to eat something sweet, local fresh fruits in season are the healthier choice.
7. Don’t smoke. If your sweetheart is a smoker, encourage him or her to quit smoking. Smoking can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Hence, quitting is the best Valentine’s gift for your loved one.
8. Be faithful to your partner. One study shows that cheating raises your risk for a heart attack. So be honest to your loved ones. Reduce your stress and enjoy life more.

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