Health: Unwanted emotions? Here are 5 ways to control them


Illustration: Guilherme Mullek

Disappointment, sadness, and anger are some of the emotions we experience as we go through life. Our ability to control these emotions is important dahil nakakaapekto ito sa kung paano tayo nakikita ng mga tao sa paligid natin. When we can’t control our anger or frustration, lalo na sa harap ng iba, it reflects negatively on us.

Showing and feeling the appropriate emotions sa tamang panahon, oras, at sitwasyon ay isang skill na maaari nating matutunan.

From an article in Psychology Today by Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D., here are 5 Ways to Get Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control:

1. Select the situation. Iwasan ang mga pagkakataon that can trigger unwanted emotions. Kung alam mong mas mabilis kang magalit kapag ikaw ay nagmamadali, do things earlier and ahead of schedule. If a person annoys you, figure out a way na hindi kayo masyadong magkakatagpo.

2. Modify the situation. If your goals are set too high, madali ka talagang madidisappoint. Manage your expectations sa iyong paligid at sa iyong sarili. Kung goal mo ang makapag-bake ng magandang cake, start with recipes that are within your skill level.

3. Shift your attentional focus. If you’re feeling jealous or inferior to the people around you, huwag ka na magfocus sa kanila. If you’re working out at the gym and feel inferior sa mga mas magaganda ang katawan kaysa sa iyo, just focus on the things that you are doing to improve your self.

4. Change your thoughts. We can control our emotions. Think happy thoughts whenever you are sad or disappointed. It might be easier said than done, but there are a lot of ways to distract yourself from negativity.

5. Change your response. If all of the above tips fail, get control of your response. If you’re feeling agitated, take deep breaths and try to calm down. You can also try walking out of the situation first, take a break, and recompose yourself.



Life is full of ups and downs. It’s important to know your emotional triggers so you will be better equipped to control them. All it takes is practice and positive thinking.

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