Parenting: Preserve childhood memories with an email time capsule

Technology can be a great way to be in touch with the people around you. With social media, blogs, messenger apps, and even good old email, there are so many ways para makipag-interact sa iba’t-ibang tao and build friendships and happy memories.


But aside from this, technology can also be used to preserve memories. For your kids, all it takes is an email address.

It’s fun being a new parent. We can’t help but share so many baby pictures on social media. Pero, maganda rin na may private, personal touch ka para sa iyong mga anak.

Once they are born, set up an email address for them. This will be their email time capsule. Once set up, you can send them messages, pictures, and attachments na may kinalaman sa kanilang paglaki.


Here are a few things that you can send:

1. Photos- of them, their favorite things, their favorite food
2. Love notes
3. Short stories on what they are up to during that time
4. Scans/photos of their acheivements- certificates in school and their hobbies, medals, awarding ceremonies
5. Voice recordings (of them, or yours, or of other friends or family members)
6. Video clips
7. Anecdotes of what transpired during the day

Do this in secret, and kapag 18th birthday nila, give them access to the email account!

This email time capsule is a great way to celebrate a child’s life. Raising kids is a fun and tough challenge, and kadalasan, hindi mo na namamalayan na malalaki na pala sila, ready to live lives of their own. But with this smart way of documenting their life, you’ll have a lot to look back at sa mga darating na taon.


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