Showbiz Ambush :Cuenca vs Singson over Lovi Poe?

Showbiz Ambush by Ambet Nabus

Let’s talk about moving on.

Could it be that Jake Cuenca and former Congressman Ronald Singson have not moved on and still have an unresolved issue on love conflict? Both men were once romantically linked to sexy and lovely actress Lovi Poe.

According to a highly-placed source, the two were almost figured in a fight when Jake allegedly approached Ronald who was having fun with his friends during an event.

The same source related that the hunk actor who appeared tipsy and quite in the mood for a fight, saw the group of Ronald in a corner. He came to them while he was carrying his glass of wine, and the next thing everybody saw, was the two’s exchange of heated argument.

But Ronald’s friends were quick to pacify and brought Ronald to a place where many people could witness whatever Jake was up to.

Good thing the hunk actor sensed their intention, and just left the place quietly.

The better news was, no one was able to record or take photos of the almost scuffle. But then again, some worry that it might not end there, not just like that.

Jake is reportedly in New York now for his acting school (for two months or so), while Ronald is mum about the issue when being asked.

Do we expect Lovi to say a word or two now that she is feeling so safe and secure with co-actor Roco Naccino, who maybe is just laughing at the side as the girl “both men” are fighting over with, is his love now?


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