Entertainment: Bret Jackson, nagamit lang ba sa Andi-Jake romance?

Showbiz Ambush by Ambet Nabus

So it’s love after all between Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito!

The couple has an on & off thing on their romance and netizens are either enjoying or bashing them for they are no longer teenagers to act like young people falling in love for the first time.


Image taken from http://unoemilio.com/

“Nakakasuka na ang palitan nila ng messages sa social media,” said these netizens who also added, “magkakabalikan din naman, eh kung anu-ano pang mga baho nila ang ibinibilad sa publiko.”

Jake is the son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada to then sexy actress Laarni Enriquez, while Andi is the controversial daughter of Jaclyn Jose by the late Mark Gil.

The two are childhood friends and are very close to each other especially when Andi got impregnated by another teen actor.

For four years, the two have quite a romantic involvement and their “on & off” entanglement is but a normal occurrence. “Away, bati, galit, tampuhan, date sa iba, bati uli, away na naman,” described by those in the know.

Not until Andi got very furious over Jake’s reported womanizing here and abroad (he studies abroad) as announced in various social media accompanied by photos as proofs!

Andi wanted to get even so she entertained young actor Bret Jackson’s admission of ‘courtship’ to her that only lasted for days.

When Andi recently figured in a freak accident during her movie shoot, Jake was reported to have been very concerned and rushed immediately to her side. The next scene that observers saw is very much like a soap opera – ‘two people who used to love and to hate getting back at each other!’

“Kawawa naman si Bret. Parang nagamit lang nung mga time na nag-ookrayan (read: throwing curses at each other) sila,” sighed a many observers!

Tsk, tsk… what right love values did we learn if there’s any?

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